Thursday, February 28, 2013

OHP Refuses to Pay for Cancer Drug

OHP official, Dr. Som Saha, makes some absolutely outrageous statements defending the decision to refuse payment for cancer drug!

Although the above story happened a few years ago and letters with such shocking language may not be sent any longer, Medicaid providers, including the new Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO), are still sending the same message.  Within the past month or so, someone came to Oregon Patients Rights Assocation seeking help with getting chemotherapy that was inappropriately denied.   Although our local CCO, Umpqua Health Alliance (UHA) reversed its initial decision, this person was without the therapy while the dispute was going on.  It seems inhumane to treat people who are fighting for their life this way.  The unfortunate reality of rationed care when the cost of health care is only looked at from the point of view of how much money is being spent.  We need to frame the discussion about health care rights from a more moral point of view. 

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  1. a cancer victim struggling to survive should have every opportunity to LIVE; each and every day is a GIFT. how dare an OHP official deny payment for a drug that might help the patient!


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