Friday, August 9, 2013

DCIPA, UHA Need to Follow A Well Known Doctor's Lead!

Yesterday, well know doctor, Sanjay Gupta had the courage to admit he had been duped by the DEA and its war on marijuana.  After listening to the science, the good doctor realized that we have been lied to because the Schedule I designation of marijuana is not based on science.  

Our local doctors need to listen to what Dr. Gupta has to say.  It does not take a brain surgeon to understand the medical benefits of THC.  It is true that not all medical practices need to know the science behind the effective use of this medication, but we should be able to expect our local community doctors to refrain from making uninformed medical opinions and using them to drive local medical practices, like the current situation in Douglas County.

Doctors in our community need to start living up to patient expectations that their medical opinions are based on science and what is in the best interest of each patient, which includes taking into consideration patient choice.  The issue of medical marijuana is a start.  Many of the doctors in our community may have been misguided like Dr. Gupta.  If so, it seems to be good time to follow the TV doctor's lead.

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