Monday, June 22, 2015

Medical Marijuana & Opioid OMB Statement

The following statement is the current position of the Oregon Medical Board (OMB), which license doctors in this state.  It is clear that they do not prevent doctors from prescribing opioid pain medication to people who are also using marijuana.

"Medical Marijuana

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is administered by the Oregon Health Authority. The relevant Oregon Revised Statutes are 475.300 through 475.346 and the Oregon Administrative Rules are 333-0008-0000 through 333-008-0120. The Oregon Health Authority’s website on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program provides additional program information and contact information.

The Oregon Medical Board does not oversee or otherwise regulate the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

The Board does not currently have a rule or a policy position on prescribing opioids to patients with a medical marijuana card.  While the Board’s consultants have included the use of marijuana among the list of contraindications for long-term opioid use, the Board has not prohibited the concurrent use of these drugs.

Prescribing practices do come to the Board’s attention, and every written complaint is investigated as required by statute.  The Board does not discipline physicians solely based on certifying patients for the use of medical marijuana, prescribing opioids to a known medical marijuana patient, or creating treatment plans that include the concurrent use of opioids and medical marijuana.  However, if an investigation into a complaint showed inappropriate practices or unprofessional conduct by any physician, the Board would take action for any violations of the Medical Practice Act that are found.

The Board will continue its attention to this evolving area of medicine.  Any updated policies created by the Board will be available on our website.  We appreciate the public interest in this important issue and its impact on the safety of Oregon patients"

Link to Oregon Medical Board (OMB) Statement

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